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  •  Hurricanes Floyd and Andrew (none)
    I lived in Eastern NC during Floyd.  Remember Gore standing on the streets in Tarboro.. with the flood waters rising???  I Do.. Remember the tent cities set up what seemed to be  immediately after ANDREW in South Florida?  I do.  This is what happens when a ignorant, self-centered, arrogant government takes perfectly good plans and trashes them days after taking office. yesterday had great information on how FEMA and its current director have no longer planned for actual emergencies. THIS is shameful and today.. my IMPEACH THE GOP sticker I have had for years is being put in the window of my car.  We need a national call for resignations of FEMA Director Brown and DHS Chertof.  Those two couldn't plan themselves out of a Republican Fundraiser.  HA.  I am glad that the SLM is finally asking the questions.. too bad I missed Ted's asking of Brown.. Don't you people watch TV??  Priceless.

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