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  •  Urban renewal as class warfare (3.80)
    Overt Class Warfare fits nicely

    To be even more precise what is intended is class warfare disguised as "natural" disaster-driven urban renewal. The game plan is that none of the single family frame homes in black neighborhoods will be rebuilt and all the people who lived in them will be forced to relocate.

    Notice that Bush, while he said the city would rise again, also said that the "experts" would have to decide just how, that it would take "years," and that it in the end it would be a "better place for it" (translation: a  richer and more white place).

    The intent to make a basic change in the character of the city will be somewhat masked in the sort run by a few high profile building and restoration projects.  But the real key will be what will happen to all the cheap, wood frame,  residential housing that will be made uninhabitable (by usual standards) from weeks or months under water.  The Federal Government will leave the "redlining" of the rebuilding efforts to others. Will the city be willing to restore utilities to those areas?  Will financing and insurance be available for home construction in those areas?  Will there be prohibitive new building code requirements?  All Federal rebuilding aid will, of course,  be made contingent on these things so as to let others take the blame.

    But what will be done about the people who want to return and live in wrecked places without new building and without and utilities?  There will be labor jobs available, but the planners intend,  for reasons of "public order and safety,"  not to permit people to return to the poor residential areas.

    The reason the Federal planners are letting things go to hell is that that is what it will take to empty the city.  And unless they can do that now it will be hard to ever drive all the poor from their homes no mater how wrecked they are.  And if they stay there will be demands for electricity and water to be restored even without new construction.

    So here is what "they" plan:  once there are enough military forces in the area we will  see a violent "war on looters" going on against poor black people who are not willing to give up their homes, wrecked as they are. And after a certain point it will be true: anyone who survives very long there will have to have gotten supplies somewhere illegal because there will be no food and water being distributed except to those who report for evacuation.  

    The "war on looters" will soon  result in deaths to troops or police from chasing armed people through a strange Water World version of NO.  Then the holdouts will be declared "dead enders" and finally "terrorists".  Then the line will be that we need to "fight urban terror" in New Orleans so we don't need to fight it in other cities.

    Welcome to new New Orleans and to new America.

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