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  •  You have BEEN in Iraq (3.50)
    for 40+ years.

    These people have been turning every part of the world into what we see in Iraq since they assassinated JFK.

    Believe it.

    They may have human DNA...although I would actually like to see some proof of that...but they are aliens.

    Alien to human compassion, at the very least. Their every move is anti-human, and in the surveillance-protected back rooms of their think tanks, they sit and complain about how inferior humans have overmultiplied and are ruining the world.

    THEIR world.

    I'm telling you...Fallujah, U.S.A. is just one more disaster away. And when THAT happens, the velvet gloves will come off and you will see the truth of what I am saying.

    If I were the Islamic resistance, I would strike now, in the U.S., and I would strike HARD!!! The facade of "democracy" is crumbling here and the underlying  and totally incompetent rule of the BushCops is being exposed.

    Keystone Kops in military drag.


    •  I believe you (none)
      because I know it's true.  This country has gone down the tubes since JFK assasination.

      You are so correct about a Terrorist strike now, an opportune time.  You have a strategist mind. Were you a Marine by any chance?

      You know, those lousy sob's in Washington know it too, and they do nothing, nothing.

      Check out Alliance For Security, run by vet and anti-Bush Bobby Mueller.

      Bush has got to go. Keep surfin, keep rockin, Baja Margie alias Pargie

      by Pargie on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 12:21:35 PM PDT

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