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  •  What do you call cutting off welfare, medicaid (4.00)
    benefits, unemployment, etc if not trying to destroy someone's way of life, to exterminate them? TO let them die on the streets like vermin? It is too genoicide.
    •  Do you speak english? (none)

      Genocide is a narrow, specific term that describes a particular, awful human practice. Don't strip it of all it's meaning just because lots of other horrible stuff is happening. Have some respect for the victims of brutal repression, thier experiences were unique.

      •  Water and food is not getting to the refugees... (none)
        National Guard, upthread, is not allowing people and supplies in.  Why?

        Ineptitude at the 17th Street Levee caused even more suffering.  Hastert tooted his horn about NOT
        EVEN rebuilding these people's lives, the pig.

        Bush kept on ignoring them until he was forced to end his meandering and footdragging...and THEN he asked his father and Clinton to get their hands dirty for him.

        Why is it taking more than five days to get the Federal government--our government, OUR employee(s) as Cindy Sheehan would deftly put it--taking care of  OUR PEOPLE?

        I don't think genocide is a word lightly bandied about.  But it is.

        An untypical Negro...since 1954.

        by blksista on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 08:11:33 AM PDT

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      •  genocide does not require (none)
        explicit expressed intent.  Er, Rowanda.  It doesn't require actual troops.  That is just how it was done in the past.  It could be intentional neglect.  It could be forcing them to live in squalor.  Are they just incompetent or do are they trying too hard?  I hate to burst your bubble.
        •  I'm not in a bubble (none)
          Um. Ruwanda. Where the Hutus and Tutsis were going at it with machetes and burning tires, and lining up people in churches to gun them down or toss in a grenade to a crowded building with children. If that's not expressed intent, I don't know what is. No one is lining up blacks in New Orleans and shooting them in the head. There is a chance some of those stranded may survive. If there were a genocide occurring, NONE of them would stand a chance and the troops would have pulled out long ago.

          Get a grip.

    •  Additionally (none)
      in light of the very sober comment below, even if the abuse and neglect do fall upon a particular ethnic group, the intent is still not to rid the world, or even Louisiana, of all the African-Americans. Or even the poor ones.

      Are there those among our policy leaders and those prosecuting their policies who would subscribe to a plan to rid the world of African-Americans? Of that I have no doubt, BUT, even the most casual observer has to admit that we aren't there yet.

      •  Actually (none)
        Genocide must be intentional, but the intent need not be to destroy the ENTIRE group in question, just either in whole or (substantial) part.

        E.g. if Hitler had only intended to kill Jews on the European side of the Atlantic, it would still have been genocide.

    •  um yeah. (none)
      Welfare and Medicaid are lifesavers I agre, but to make them a 'way of life."  That's the whole problem.

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