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  •  Charles, I know (none)
    that you are right.  I did not know this before 2000, I am ashamed to say.  Then, I heard all these people - white people - shocked (and unforgiveably, I was one of them) that people were prevented from voting and their votes weren't counted and their voices were ignored.

    Okay, no excuses.  There is no way an African American over age 7 could have had that level of ignorance.  I didn't know this because I didn't have to know it and because I didn't want to know it.

    Now, I know it.  This is America, every bit as much as the things I still love.  Just like both Woody Guthrie and Rush Limbaugh are both part of America, just as Mother Jones and Barbara Bush are.

    Now's not the time to politicize this.  150 years ago was the time.  Now is way, way past time, and I want to eviscerate everyone who whines about partisanship now.  

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