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  •  Failure of Infrastructure (none)
    For crying out loud, we're a first world country!  We are supposedly the world's superpower! And yet we cheap out on preventative measures.  "All that could've been done" SHOULD'VE been done years ago, i.e. protect the wetlands, and shore up the levees.   And if you're talking about the emergency response, it's a global embarrassment.  

    It's a bit like if you knew that someday a big bill would be coming due, and instead of preparing you cut your savings rate, broke ties with the bank and all your allies, and instead gambled what little nest egg you had.  What do you know, that big bill arrives, and you whine you had no idea it was going to come NOW. It's STUPID, that's what it is.

    And no one can claim with a straight face that we did all that could be done, or are doing so now.  

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    by magpie02141 on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 07:57:33 AM PDT

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