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View Diary: FEMA Dir. Mike Brown fired from prior job at Horse Assoc. (166 comments)

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  •  But in true Republican fashion (4.00)
    What they appear to give away with one hand, they Take Back with the other:

    FORT MYERS - (AP) -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency has asked thousands of Floridians whose homes were damaged by last summer's four hurricanes to give back more than $27 million in aid overpayments, a newspaper reported.

    FEMA earlier this year began mailing letters to residents in efforts to recoup the overpayments from people who received federal aid after Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne hit Florida last August and September.

    According to data supplied to The News-Press of Fort Myers through a Freedom of Information Act request, the agency detailed 6,579 cases in which they say people owe $27,220,234.24.

    In other words they gave them the Cash, upfront to make them feel good and vote Republican, and after the election they want it back, now with penalties and interest.  Nice folks eh?


    Knowledge is power Power Corrupts Study Hard Be Evil

    by Magorn on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 07:05:47 AM PDT

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