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  •  I would do almost (none)
    anything to make that true - the approval rating.  But I don't think it is.  I am guessing he will be over 50% next time, because I think the anti-war middle class centrist type voters will be reflexively defending him.   I think the spectre of angry black people is going to shore up Bush's support.

    I am pretty pessimistic these days, but not without reason.

    •  Not this time (none)
      this time it's personal. This time it hits THEM.

      It's going to cost them $100 to fill up their SUV.

    •  Yeah but... (none)
      there are a lot of white people trapped down there too. You don't see them at the convention center - they're in the nice hotels and hiding out in houses. The doctors and nurses at the hospitals.

      THEY'RE the ones that are going to raise a BIG STINK when they get out. If they live that long, that is.

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