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  •  whenever the (none)
    glaring problems of capitalism become clear, they scream "class warfare".  

    We shouldn't run from that charge.  We didn't declare the war, the privileged did.  And unlike Iraq, they are actually a threat.

    People point out that Europeans pay more for gasoline.  Yeah, and they get national health care AND a public transportation system.  Israel, which spends 1/2 it's budget on the army, manages to have an excellent bus system (a few obvious risks) along with national health care.  

    The privileged want to know the poor only when they need a war fought to further entrench their privilege.  

    And in case anyone thinks I'm a 20 year old wanna be neo-Trotsky-ite: I'm a 40 something homeschooling mom of two who's spouse is trying to run a small business.  A real radical one, too - a CPA firm.

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