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  •  Not her (none)
    shoot her doctor.
    •  Point. ( nt ) (none)

      . . . religion is not a syllogism, but a poem. H.L. Mencken

      by BenGoshi on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 05:52:48 PM PDT

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      •  Earlier post from a Dr. in French Quarter (none)
        said the same thing- but they were running a clinic in a hotel and went out for medications.

        Let us not assume all the hotel guests are evil now either because they are probably middle class people at a fancy hotel during a convention.  Mostly people like me stay at red roof inns unless sent to a big city for a convention.  There were (ironically) all these emergency response people stuck in downtown, who couldn't get out.  Some may have been very helpful to all.  

        •  no, I was attempting irony... (none)

           . . . rather lamely, too.  If some woman in a Sheraton, or Ritz-Carlton for that matter, needed meds, couldn't get 'em, and some doctor pillaged them to save her life (or keep some kind of serious harm from coming to her), then I've no more against her or her doctor than I would have against an impoverished person doing the same.  And, as a matter of fact, I don't think conditions are all that luxurious in even the finer Canal Street hotels right now.  

           No, I was trying to be ironic in that, with right wingers (very scary) talking about "shoot the person" or "shoot that person," who's poor, I wonder how many of them would say that about a middle or upper class woman doing the same thing (via her doctor)?


          . . . religion is not a syllogism, but a poem. H.L. Mencken

          by BenGoshi on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 10:10:15 PM PDT

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          •  I see now... (none)
            I am so sorry for everyone there I am losing my sense of the ridiculous.  The picture of the two groups in water in Atrios site- black looters and white- getting supplies- is of course your point.  That image must endure to use New Orleans as a case study to explore american attitudes about race and class.  And clearly, the attitute of many in the right wing is both racist and classist on many posts on other blogs and Rush Limbaugh.    

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