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View Diary: GOP Agenda in Action - Part II; Estate Tax To Be Voted On Tuesday (187 comments)

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  •  If the estate tax is repealed, (none)
    then maybe it is time to give up.  Pack your bags and fucking leave.  Where is the money going to come from to make up for the lost revenue?  Maybe we can make the folks left in NO pay a special tax for the water they didn't get.
    •  On the contrary (none)
      ...I'm afraid they may end with a bill for the water they received, although they haven't ordered it. Delivered through the holes in the levee.

      Actually, we'll all end up with parts of this bill. And other bills they get us stuck with.

      If there is freedom to say 2+2=4, everything else follows - "1984"

      by DrFairday on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 03:48:49 PM PDT

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