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View Diary: GOP Agenda in Action - Part II; Estate Tax To Be Voted On Tuesday (187 comments)

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  •  Dear Sen. Reid (4.00)
    I have been very impressed with your performance to date as Senate Minority Leader.  You have helped start putting the fight back into the Democratic Party, while being strategic about it.  While not completely happy about the filibuster compromise, I could understand it from a tactical perspective.  Only so much powder, keep it dry for when the its truly needed.

    Well, that time is now.  Our nation has just suffered one of its biggest natural disasters in its history.  People on the ground are still dying.  The hollowed out government created by the Republican party has failed utterly when it was needed most.  In response to this tragedy, the GOP's first impulse: cut taxes for the wealthy.  The sheer callousness boggles the mind.

    This is a time for shared sacrfice to help pay for the aftermath of Katrina and the rebuilding of the Gulf coast.  American lives are at stake and Paris Hilton does NOT need, nor deserve, a tax cut.

    Its time to take off the gloves.


    An American

    PolisPundit - An Agenda for a New Liberalism

    by goblue72 on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 01:54:42 PM PDT

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