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View Diary: Intentional withholding of aid? : the evidence (w/ poll) [updated with lots of links] (310 comments)

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  •  Jamie McIntyre (sp?) on CNN just now... (4.00)
    from the Pentagon, mouthing excuses.  

    Get this: He said the Pentagon had to delay deployment of troops because the New Orleans Police Department had not secured the city, and rather than place troops into New Orleans "in small numbers" where they might get attacked by armed gangs, they had to wait until they had sufficient numbers for their own safety.

    So we are expected to accept the excuse that the friggin United States Army could not enter New Orleans because its Police Department had yet to secure the area?

    Incredible.  McIntyre will apparently spew anything his special Pentagon sources offer up to him...

    •  LOL!!! (none)
      No, really!  I'm laughing out loud!
      •  LOL!! (none)
        Me, too!

        My god, do they realize how stupid they are when they spew out this garbage?

        AAAAhhh, get some news journalist on this pronto. That's just amazing.

        "Getting on with my life means a life without my dear, sweet boy. I wish a little bike ride could help me get on with my life." Cindy Sheehan

        by Dunbar on Sat Sep 03, 2005 at 01:39:32 PM PDT

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        •  Damn it - they're not stupid at all (none)
          its a set up - let the locals screw up for a while then ride in tod save the day, be the hero.  This is no accident and its not stupid - it might actually work,

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