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View Diary: Intentional withholding of aid? : the evidence (w/ poll) [updated with lots of links] (310 comments)

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    with your last comment. I was just thinking before I started reading this thread that the situation in New Orleans will have opened enough people's eyes so that when Fitzgerald finishes his work next month that they are going to be a lot more receptive to the idea of the level of corruption and ineptitude of the Bush administration.

    The scandals of BushCo have long been building upon themselves but the hurricane is giving a big push in public perception. You may be right but I think that the next set of presidential popularity polls will be very telling.

    quando os assholes governam dirão aos pobres que a merda tem o valor
    Revised Portuguese folk wisdom

    by mm201 on Sat Sep 03, 2005 at 01:07:05 PM PDT

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