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View Diary: Intentional withholding of aid? : the evidence (w/ poll) [updated with lots of links] (310 comments)

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  •  Most likely motive (none)
    Without buying the premise entirely (although the evidence is nicely assembled), the most likely motive is not among those mentioned.

    If this was intentional, think about what result could aid BushCo's plans best. Their long-term goal is the consolidation and increase of executive power and the removal of restraining forces.

    I detect a pattern:

    • Clinton impeachment: getting Dems to agree to let the Independent Counsel Statute expire
    • 9/11 screw-up: enact massive new powers under the control of a loyal soldier (DHS head Ridge & Chertoff); pass Patriot Act
    • Iraq intel screw-up: combine massive new intel powers under a pair of loyal soldiers (Goss & Negroponte)
    • Able Danger: removal of constraints on domestic intelligence sharing (removing the "Wall")
    • NOLA screw-up: I bet we'll see attempts to enact massive new emergency powers, without any checks and balances ("bureaucrat"), in the hands of a loyal soldier; remove Posse Commitatus

    I wonder what they are planning to do with those new emergency powers?

    Anyway, if it was intentional, I would be thinking along those lines.

    •  So glad I am not alone! (none)
      I am really glad that I am not alone in my thinking. How many of us gulped at Hillary Clinton years ago when she said "it is a vast right wing conspiracy." If we ONLY knew then what is increasingly becoming evident NOW. Look, they are not going to stop because they DON'T HAVE TO STOP. Republicans control our congress and government and the Democrats? well, are we holding our breath anymore? still, we MUST work overtime in getting the dems united. I think we can and must do this - the upcoming estate tax repeal is on tuesday and the usual suspect sell-out dems need to hear from us as does every senator regardless! they are counting on rolling this over. I suggest a call to action to get our folks in line to stand up for us! any ideas? People for the american way already have sent out email alerts to call on senators to reject the repeal. I am sure they have a website.  
    •  yes (none)
      i posted a similar sentiment down at the bottom (i tend to read threads backwards) but you said it much better than i did.

      i'll buy that doggie in the window and throw in the dish and leash.

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