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View Diary: Intentional withholding of aid? : the evidence (w/ poll) [updated with lots of links] (310 comments)

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    The only people who continue to call this incompetence, can only be white folks subconsciosly uncomfortable their own subtle racism, or colored folk like Condi, who do wish more than anyone else that poor blacks would just go away.

    Get it through your thick skull.  If you can NOT read read the smirks on FEMA directors faces, parse Bush's subtle racist and prodding comments (e.g hanging out on the porch--like the old days on the plantation)  you shouldn't bother calling yourself a liberal.

    Kudo's to the Diary-ist!   An investigation of this is is even more crucial than the 9-11 commission.

    This event shows in vivid light the core guiding principle of the republican party, it's followers, apologists, and liberals who sip --if not drink-- at it's racist trough.

    THe SINGLE guiding principle of republicans is a hatred of non-white people.  here's how it goes:

    This country is losing it's white ethnicity and we need to do something about it.  The only way is to create a level of chaos and fear, such that even cool-aid sipping liberals will look the otherway when a genocide gets under way.

    This was not about poor people.  If all these folks were white we would not have seen this happen--not beacuse the corporate-interest Bushies wouldn't have been callous about that too, but becasue it wouldn't have taken a majority of white citizens 4-5 days to begin to feel that perhaps this is an unacceptable tragedy.  There are probably many kool-aid sipping liberals, who still have momentary flashes  that maybe at some level the black community itself is partly to blame--you know the black mayor and all.

    I have never been this disgusted in my life.

    I consider what happened here to be a greater misdeed than what the Nazi's did, not becasue of a comparison of loss of life etc, but that the Nazi's didn't make bones about the fact that they wanted a certain race of people removed by any means from their country.  

    The subtle and clever actions of republicans, who put on a facade of niceness, on the most depraved  act is a 100 time more despicable to me.

    •  super death dome (none)
      the amazing thing was on Sunday when they said they were going to stick 100,000 poor people mostly black into the superdome, in anticipation of a category 5 hurricane passing right through New Orleans. My immediate thought was they are going to kill these people in one fell swoop.  It doesn't take even a Moronic FEMA director, or a racist Halley Barbour to know that no engineer in the world could predict what would happen to a structure that was at best designed to withstand a category 4--let alone the largest category five ever on record coming ashore in the locus of the dome.  

      Forget gas chambers when you can just use mother nature.

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