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View Diary: Intentional withholding of aid? : the evidence (w/ poll) [updated with lots of links] (310 comments)

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  •  Or it could indicate (none)
    "we don't want to pay for their upkeep, so they're on they're own, and if they happen to die, well that's not so bad either."

    There are a lot of shades of grey here, and just because these kinds of attitudes aren't supposed to exist anymore, they do. Given this administration's record, I don't put any shade of grey out of the range of possibiblity. And that's not my fault, that's their fault, for having been such egregious bastards on every single issue that they've ever been presented with.

    •  I can't argue with them being... (none)
      "egregious bastards on every single issue that they've ever been presented with".  But I don't think that bush ever actually thought that anybody might die.  That's the problem... he doesn't think about things like that.  He doesn't think about what it means to be so poor you don't know how you will feed your children.  He doesn't think about the possibility that he could get sick and medical bills could destroy everything he has worked for.  He doesn't think that his daughters might need a medical procedure and they would die because he couldn't pay for it.  He doesn't think about businesses failing.  He has never had to deal with any real problem in his life, and he lacks the basic empathy that would allow him to feel the pain of others.  

      Assuming that he is acting malevolently toward the victims in New Orleans is giving him too much credit.  He isn't acting any way... he just doesn't give a damn.  It isn't like it effects him. Now, Trent Lott losing his house effects him, or at least a friend of his, so he can relate to that... but people who are starving because they didn't evacuate the city?  He is rushed away from any threat of danger in Air Force One... he can't relate to that.

      If this sounds like a defense of bush, it's not.  It's an attack on a society that saw fit to believe in the facade of a political candiate who is a proven liar over the evidence at their fingertips.   Bush is not salvagable, but he can't help being what he is. I suspect he is a sociopath.  He put's on emotions like he put's on his cowboy boots and hat - but they never reach his eyes. He says the right words, when they are written for him, but when he speaks extemporaneously, he can't get it right, because he can't relate to thinking, feeling human beings.  

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