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View Diary: Intentional withholding of aid? : the evidence (w/ poll) [updated with lots of links] (310 comments)

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  •  Who says Chomsky is biased? (none)
    Chomsky is brilliant and takes a position not because he has made up his mind due to bias but rather because he believes something after reviewing the neutral evidence.

    BTW, Canadians don't tend to dump on Chomsky for bias. In fact the National Film Board won an Oscar for a film about him.I believe it is called Manufacturing Consent and it urges critical thinking. Perhaps you and your husband should check it out. Given your interpretation of your husband's reading material, I assume he only reads peer-reviewed professional journals then?

    I don't agree with the culling theory either but I do think perhaps after the initial fuck-up they may have delayed some efforts to co-incide with Bush's big tour on Friday.  Hell! Even Jack Cafferty, no Liberal he, figured that one out yesterday for CNN.

    •  I don't recall... (none)
      saying anything negative about Chomsky's intellect.  All I said was that my husband tries to read respected history authors who try to write without bias.  Chomsky is widely considered a radical, and has very strong ideas. He does not pretend to be objetive, except possibly in his academic work.  I'm the one who reads academnic journals - but not about history... I'm a botanist.  I also don't recall making any suggestions about there not being politics involved in the response to the New Orlean's crisis.  That's the problem with this kind of blog - since it's hard to see the entirity of a person's work, people tend to make all kinds of assumptions and often respond critically to comments you haven't made.  

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