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View Diary: Just to give you a sense of just how badly FEMA has f*cked up. (187 comments)

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  •  What makes us think that there was ever any (4.00)
    desire to do something to help these people?  

    There is no emperical evidence.  All of the evidence goes in quite the opposite direction.

    The only on thing I have seen is a keen desire to save political lives and thank God those became endangered or they certainly wouldn't be saving any real lives now.

    Pleaes tell those good boater-people thank you and I hope they don't give George Bush the time of day when he returns to the area on Monday - yes - he will be coming back people - for more photo-ops - don't give them to him.

    •  He's going back? (none)
      Does he have a death wish?

      I really, really want somebody to throw something at them. At ALL of them.

      Why didn't the Sheriff's with you just handcuff the DWF agent and take him with you?

      Why didn't ANYBODY do that at any point? Why do you listen to these morons?

      They would have taken the credit. Who cares? The people would have been rescued.

      Or there would have been an armed revolt.

      Or just lie to them? Tell them you have been cleared, they just don't know yet, and their boss is going fire their ass when he finds out they didn't let you through.

      I know, Monday morning quarterbacking. And you assume they know what they're doing.

      I don't think anybody is going to assume that anymore.

      •  They are not conniving devious evil people (4.00)
        They are completely unprepared to think that anyone would do what BushCo has been doing.  They believed them and they thought they should comply.  Now they know and that is the politically dangerous thing for this administration.  I am glad they didn't get into a gun battle - we need their eye-witness accounts and thier boating skills now.  

        Interestingly, I think there is a real cultural divide here that people aren't quite keyed into unless they are from the South.  We are less agressive - more prone to being polite.  I think if the Superdome denizens had been New Yorkers the scene there would have been quite different.  It is pretty mind-blowing how compliant 99% of the people there have been.  Really you see them sitting in chairs waiting in an oddly patient way... If that were New York, there wouldn't be a single car left in the city that could run - EVERY abandonded bus would be taken... it is a different culture - it is a trusting culture and we have done them wrong.

        •  Great point (none)
            That is quite true in my experience. People are trusting, especially of authority. This almost seems like a Bugs Bunny - Elmer Fudd type of relationship, the trickster and the befuddled and misguided but trusting Fudd.
      •  I'd give anything to see some local... (4.00)
        ...(preferably an older woman for more impact, I think) just haul off and slap him hard enough to leave a mark for a few days.  Let's see his makeup folks cover that one up. ;)

        That filthy SOB needs to be publicly humiliated by an "average citizen".

    •  Our nation is like a bitter Alcoholic (4.00)
      Lashing out.

      Being hurt.

      Refusing help.

      Denying anything is wrong.

      Blaming others.

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