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View Diary: Just to give you a sense of just how badly FEMA has f*cked up. (187 comments)

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  •  Add one more to the list (none)
    They are not trying to rescue people, they are into containment and news blackouts.

    What happens when diseases breaks out? Who will be able to leave?

    The MSM must be there to show us what's happening otherwise it would be pure spin.

    •  The threat of disease will be the excuse (none)
      to get the media out of there. It won't be long!
      They aren't going to want the MSM to start telling stories of all the dead bodies trapped in attics, etc.
      •  It will also allow (none)
        them to quarantine people in the big city shelters with no media.   If I were at the Astrodome and had any means whatsoever I would get the heck out of there.  At some point you will be better off on the streets begging.
        •  Nope, won't work (none)
          This is the country with the wonderful healthcare system, remember? We can handle anything!

          Besides, reporters can get shots for cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, etc.

          Hell, if they can go to Africa, they can go to NO.

          And they have to let them have medical care, or they're going to have a real revolution on their hands. Even the prisoners at Gitmo get medical care.

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