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View Diary: Bush Visit Grounded Relief Helicopters (155 comments)

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  •  Doesn't Suprise Me... (4.00)
    I posted on this a couple of times.

    A presidential visit require an inordinate amount of security. That means that police officers & National Guardsmen, probably had to be pulled off relief & support efforts in order to protect Bush while he walks around.

    In order for Air Force One & Marine One to fly around the area, airspace has to be cleared. That means that helicopters & other support aircraft have to be diverted from search & rescue, so Bush can look at things that he could have seen on his television in the White House.

    Since the Secret Service has to be ready for any medical emergency for the President, that means EMT's & other medical staff have to be there to support his visit, instead of treating patients.

    •  For Lord's Sake, People Are Dying!! (none)
      These rules are fine when everything is fine and dandy.  But this is a massive emergency!  So bend the rules!

      When the f**k did the President cease being the first citizen of our land and start being an emperor?  Why the hell does some remote and theoretical highly unlikely possibility etc ect to the president's safety outweigh the lives that are vanishing by the minute in the flooded city?

    •  I tried to tell people. (4.00)
      I tried to tell people to quit demanding the POTUS show up down there.

      I tried to tell people that it was just going to prevent resources from getting to people who really needed them.

      Even here, people insisted that it was important for morale.

      Fuck morale.

      Does anyone think anybody in that Superdome or in that convention center, or on that overpass, or stuck on some roof, or god forbid, in some attic somewhere gives a flying fuck that the POTUS swooped in for an afternoon for a photo op?


      •  He should visit Houston (none)
        or someplace where victims are going.  He won't be in the way much, and it'll make better photo ops anyway.  He could promise to visit New Orleans while they're pumping it out.  Anybody with sense can understand if he'd say his security people get ulcers when he asks them to arrange a visit without slowing the relief work.

        We're all pretty crazy some way or other; some of us just hide it better.

        by david78209 on Sun Sep 04, 2005 at 12:07:48 AM PDT

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    •  Damned if he does (3.50)
      It's pretty rare that I have any volition to defend the President, and even now I'm making this post out of the obligations of intellectual honesty, not any desire to let GWB off the hook.

      He was being criticized for not immediately going to NO.   Now he's being criticized for going to NO.   In reality, even given the understandable security measures that a Presidential visit entails, I can't imagine that they seriously have to ground all helicopters.   So that might be a better grounds to attack GWB than for going at all.

      But if he really did need to ground the helicopters, then it's unconscionable for him to visit.  Even taking political flak for not visiting from sites like Daily Kos would be a tiny price compared to people dying from dehydration.

      Not a Democrat. Not a Republican. Just sick of George Bush's son and other big-government "conservatives".

      by EqualOpportunityCynic on Sat Sep 03, 2005 at 08:31:52 PM PDT

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      •  No EOC (4.00)
        He wasn't taking flak for not turning up, he was taking flak for not taking notice.

        For being absent from his job. His presence on the ground was never needed, his presence of mind is always needed, and never delivered.

        •  yep - spot on (none)
          lead, follow, or get out of the way

          or delegate to competent people if he knew what that word meant

        •  He was taking some sort of flak for both (none)
          What you state is no doubt your own position, and that of several others.   I have no problem with it -- it's a clear-thinking and humane position to blame GWB for his lack of involvement but not his lack of physical presence.

          However, I recall very clearly that there were people on this site blaming him for not showing up sooner.   Whether that's 5% or 50% of the population of this site, I don't know.   But those people need to rethink their position in light of what we now know about the helicopters being grounded.

          At any rate, given three options with two of them bad, it's hardly a surprise that he picked the worst, most callous, and least respectful of human suffering.   Pro-life my arse.

          Not a Democrat. Not a Republican. Just sick of George Bush's son and other big-government "conservatives".

          by EqualOpportunityCynic on Sun Sep 04, 2005 at 02:09:16 PM PDT

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          •  He can just override the flight restriction (none)
            2 seconds, no Flight Restriction, restrict only big planes with bombs, planes painted like shamu whatever, the Soul Plane, the Restriction is entirely up to the DHS.  

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