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  •  Lt. Cmdr. Kelly of NorCom: Needed authorization (none)
    from the President to distribute NINE MILLION available MREs using thousands of avaible troops.  No authorization, no intervention.

    This is the smoking gun.  Bush failed to authorize intervention from NorCom, which had begun disaster planning before the hurricane hit, and then waited and waited for Bush's authorization.  It's ALL on Bush.

    •  If this is true, then this should be reason enough (none)
      to impeach Bush.

      To resign is a noble thing to do, Mr. President.

      by mimi on Sun Sep 04, 2005 at 09:05:42 AM PDT

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    •  Denying aid, needing permission (long post) (none)
      [snip] Lt. Cmdr. Kelly of NorCom: Needed authorization from the President to distribute NINE MILLION available MREs using thousands of avaible troops. No authorization, no intervention. [snip]

      This guy obviously is not from the Navy. We had a saying, "it is easier to apologize than to ask permission." That means do it, then worry about whether or not you had the right to. That should have been the case with the MRE's (to name just one example). If the 'leaders' couldn't lead, then just do it on your own authority. But for damn sure, don't let people die just because some damn paper hasn't been signed. I swear, I'd rather be guilty of not following procedure than of allowing people to die because I was too scared to act without permission.  

      Good grief, how stupid can you get? Saving lives trumps needing permission ANY day of the week, that is, if you are a civilized person. But what should we expect? We have the biggest bunch of criminals ever 'in charge' of our rudderless ship of state. These thugs make Tammany (sp?) look like a rank amateur.

      FWIW, I posted the following on another diary, but it is yet another example of denying aid:

      I called the Red Cross on Monday, saying I was ready to go to the disaster area and work. I am a minister, but also have medical experience (for the living as well as preparing & embalming the dead). The woman told me, "they don't need ministers there." And I said, "but I also have medical experience, and yes they do need ministers. We are the ones who do the initial counseling (grief included), can help triage mental health needs (all of the victims will have some degree of PTSD for the rest of their lives), and we can free up more highly trained medics to do the stuff we can't. We also do the 'hand-holding' things, comforting people who are in shock, and scared, and needing someone to tell them that they do matter, and that we will help them. And (to a lesser, but no less important) extent, that we also do the blessings of bodies (of those who have already died), because their survivors need that type of closure, the dead deserve that much respect, and none of them are getting it." She repeated that I was not allowed to go there, and that if I went anyway, I'd be turned away.

      The Red Cross is also telling people not to sign up as private shelter because no one was being allowed to go to private shelters (according to the rep, that is an official decision, but she didn't articulate whence that decision came). She told me, "all refugees have to process through Kelly USA and they have to stay there." [emphasis mine]...

      Um, if they have to 'stay there,' how can they rebuild their lives? And who is going to help them? FWIW, the "Operation Share Your Home" rep did tell me that the RC was giving out false info and were hampering efforts to actually help the victims. He told us we were definitely getting a family, but he wasn't sure exactly when. He said the victims were being vetted by the Sheriff's Dept so no one dangerous would be put in a  private home, and that is the current bottleneck.

      This is the most massive clusterf**k I have ever seen, anywhere. It sickens me that the feds are not helping our sisters and brothers, letting them die, to further a political agenda. That is a crime against humanity, if ever there was one. It sickens me that the Red Cross, who should be helping, not hampering, are doing what their political bosses dictate, rather than being an actual helping hand in this disaster. And it enrages me that, having decided to do nothing, the feds (and their lackeys) stopped us from doing what we knew needed doing, especially once we saw that NOLA and the rest of the disaster areas were on their own, and the devil take the hindmost.

      The rage grows, not lessesn, as this inhumane tragedy plays out. And if I, having both training and experience, cannot stop the rage, what is happening to people who don't have that training? How are they (victims and would-be helpers alike) dealing with this issue, among the thousands of other issues rising to the surface in the wake of this horror? It is as if we are ceasing to be a nation, as the body count rises, and the slime machine gears up, and the blame game gets played while babies die in their parent's arms, and the helpless are left to (largely) fend for themselves (vis-a-vis 'official' aid).

      I am sick at heart...

      I Support the Separation of Church and Hate...
      Rev Denise Michel

      by rev denise michel on Sun Sep 04, 2005 at 10:20:24 AM PDT

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