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  •  Defense of Nagin... (none)
    [snip] He needs to hire some hardball-playing advisor to help him throw the shit right back at them.
    Do we have anybody like that on our side? [snip]

    Nagin should be able to count on all of us to defend him (Blanco too, when she comes under BushCo's axe). We need to be his 'hardball-playing advisors,' cuz damn sure, he's earned our respect and defense.

    IMHO, Kossacks should mobilize and start covering Nagin now, and not wait to go on the defense. We need to be Nagin's offense, to take the fight to the ones who are really responsible for murdering all of our sisters and brothers in NOLA (and wherever else aid was delayed/denied). We are a force to be reckoned with, when we pool our resources.

    I'm ready to play hardball. Anyone else feel the same? I'll even start co-ordinating things, if anyone wants to join in...


    I Support the Separation of Church and Hate...
    Rev Denise Michel

    by rev denise michel on Sun Sep 04, 2005 at 08:52:36 AM PDT

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