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View Diary: DAMNING Congressional Record: Cries for Help Ignored By The Federal Government [updated] (150 comments)

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  •  This is not (4.00)
    Or not primarily, about incompetence or lack of "leadership" or poor-execution-but-good-intentions.  We need to recognize that for Bush and his neo-con cronies, the situation in New Orleans is not their worst nightmare.  It is their wet dream (no pun intended).  

    These are people who work hard to conceal from the American public their fundamental, unshakeable conviction that the federal government HAS NO ROLE TO PLAY IN SERVING THE PUBLIC GOOD.  It should have no such role, it must have no such role, and they have worked tirelessly and long to turn that conviction into policy in every way they possibly can.

    The disaster on the Gulf Coast is a message in a thinly veiled code.  It says, "States, when we told you that we were going to set you free to make your own decisions, when we promised you we were going to get the federal government off your back, well, this is what we meant.  This is we meant by "individual responsibility" and "less government."  See, you are responsible for yourselves now.  Your citizens, rich and poor alike, are responsible for themselves.  The question of whether the poor of New Orleans "chose" to stay or simply couldn't leave is beside the point.  Because the point is that your problems are your own, not ours.  In the brave new world that we are bringing into being, you are your own cavalry.  You put us into power precisely so that we could leave you to save yourselves."  

    And in times of ease and prosperity, maybe that message reads better than the way it currently does in New Orleans.  Hey, go ahead and "starve the beast" if it means we get to keep more of what we have, and make our own choices and run our own show.  And on the strength of that, and some hypocritical pablum about "family values," the red-staters voted these shitheads into office.  And forgot that we human beings live -- have always lived -- on a mortally narrow faultline between safety and disaster.  And now the chickens are coming home to roost.  

    The only surprising thing is that anyone is surprised by that.  

    •  This is the TRUTH (none)
      The reason they didn't respond is that: THEY DON'T CARE. Message: I've got mine. Fuck you. When do we vote on permanent repeal of the estate tax?

      IMPEACHMENT! Shut the govt. down until we have accountability and answers. Who in this party will speak for us and the millions of Americans who want someone held accountable for the preventable deaths of thousands and the loss of billions of dollars!

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