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View Diary: DAMNING Congressional Record: Cries for Help Ignored By The Federal Government [updated] (150 comments)

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  •  Sen. Landrieu's prescient comment... (none)
    ...about insurance was right on the mark.  I heard on The McLaughlin Report this week that federal money is going to have to be spent to rebuild all those houses, schools, businesses, etc., none of which will be covered by insurance because the damage was flood-related and not wind-related.  And the city will HAVE to be rebuilt in that way if it is ever to function as the most important port in the Gulf of Mexico again.  People have to work there; the ships and trains and trucks don't just load themselves.  Even if you're a Republican and you don't have empathy for others in a human sense, you still have to begrudgingly accept the fact that they are valuable to you because they keep the nation's economy functioning.   So keep FEMA funded, Repubs, even if people drowning in a flood doesn't bother you, so we can pay a little now instead of paying a lot later.

    I sure hope we're not ignoring San Francisco and Los Angeles in this way.  It already sounded ludicrous when Dubya said that no one could foresee the levees being breached, but imagine hearing, "Hey, no one could have foreseen a major earthquake in California."

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