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View Diary: DAMNING Congressional Record: Cries for Help Ignored By The Federal Government [updated] (150 comments)

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  •  with all due respect miss georgia, (none)
    i think your update needs to be the first thing people read when they click in here.  it's more damning than all the congress stuff, but that provides wonderful background.

    just a random $0.02

    •  yeah, i'm working (none)
      on a diary about that and the federal response plan.  I threw that in there for now, but am currently analyzing that along with the FRP (which has been diaried a few times here but no one is recommended it!).  

      Should be up by tomorrow, hopefully.

      •  FRP? (none)
        you mean NRP or am i missing something?

        but that's definintely a good angle to take - a diary with a response plan timeline would be powerful, indeed!

        and don't forget to include the damning bits of what FEMA's own !@#$%& website says regarding "assuming primary responsibility" and the fact that shrubya declared a state of emergency on the 27th - FEMA's hands were tied by nothing but brown's incompetence.

        shoot me an email if i can help you with any part of it.

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