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View Diary: Can FEMA Do Anything Right? (222 comments)

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  •  May I make a suggestion? (none)
    Clearly 'Brownie' is an incompetent fuck-up, appointed solely through cronyism and ideology.  If his background had ever been properly investigated pre-appointment, he would never be where he is.

    We've seen how much of a mess this can cause.  Vividly.

    Bush's record of appointing people to key positions has been proved to be execrable.

    Anyone see the parallels with Roberts?

    Here's this guy we don't know much about.  Without much experience.  About whom we're not being given background to make a decision.

    It was worrying enough when he was just going to be a judge on SCOTUS.  But now he's been put forward for the top legal job in the hand.

    Surely 'Brownie' gives us EVERY reason to demand EVERY scrutiny be placed on this nominee.  And Bush's capacity to appoint ANYONE needs, no demands to be questioned at every turn...

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