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    Hurricanes are a national security issue. The Bush administration just showed us how it will deal with the next 9/11, global warming, declining oil production, and epidemic outbreaks.
    Bush cut funds for the levees in New Orleans to pay for war against a country with no ties to 9/11, no ties to Osama Bin Laden, and no WMD. He gutted FEMA and staffed it, like his other appointments, with people whose only qualification is loyalty to the Republican party over and above loyalty to American people and our Constitution.
    The Result is 1800 dead troops, 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians, and God knows how many thousands dead in New Orleans. In Iraq $12 billion has been given to Cheney's firm through no-bid contracts, $9 billion has been lost (just gone, no one knows where), and 10,000 human beings have been detained without trial. Detention without trial is a fundamental violation and a threat to democracy. So is torture: Sean Baker, innocent American tortured by mistake; Maher Arar, innocent Canadian tortured by mistake; Manadel Al Jamadi, hung from the ceiling and beaten to death. Was he a terrorist? We'll never know because the Bush administration abandoned the Constitutionally mandated requirement for due process.
    The Bush administration is not protecting the American people, not upholding their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution, and they are looting the federal treasury.
    The Declaration of Independence tells us that government derives its "just Powers from the consent of the governed." It's time for Americans to withdraw our consent, using the tools bequeathed to us by the Constitution, and hold accountable what will certainly be recorded as the most corrupt administration in U.S. history. Please lend your voice in any way you can. Letters to editors and elected officials are a good start.

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