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  •  well, isn't that interesting (none)
    shall we give a hint as to who one of those "familiar faces" -- Witt's vice-chairman --might be?

    Somebody who's running for President, eh? (And not Hilary Clinton).

    good to see from the photos that "the team" ain't all white guys, either. thanks.

    •  Keep in mind - this has nothing to do with (none)
      "politics.  34 years in the military does not make a man wealthy. Clark still "works for a living." This has been one of his civilian jobs since the spring of 2004

      In Jan 2009 it will be the "Wes Wing"

      by Best in Show on Mon Sep 05, 2005 at 02:11:20 PM PDT

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      •  well, surely Clark's political reputation (none)
        and connections are what, along with his military experience and reputation, makes him valuable to Witt's team, so that certainly is "politics."

        as is Blanco's hiring of Witt -- it's no doubt pragmatic to hire a smart guy with experience and a good track record, but the "politics" of his being Clinton's FEMA director, and having been a strong critic of Bush's "downgrading" of FEMA, certainly is part of the picture.

        thanks for letting me clarify -- I didn't mean to suggest that Witt had suddenly hired Clark because of the politics of the current situation.

        •  I usually hate politics in situations like this (none)
          but I hope like hell that Witt and Clark and company are saavy enough to start gathering info about how badly Bush and Associates fucked this up and putting it front and center for the public to see.
    •  For those. like me, who are too dense to (none)
      immediately look at the link in the comment above Jennifer Poole's comment, it's Wes Clark.

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