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  •  a few other things: (none)
    here is the audio of slidell's mayor saying:

    is faced with some of the most incredible, incredible stupid, ignorant regulations by FEMA. They have turned generators away from us. They´ve turned fuel away from us because they determine, or the driver determined, that it wasn´t the correct spot to put it. The generators ... oh, the site hadn´t been inspected yet.

    ...And I am really pissed off and I´m getting tired of this. They need to start doing things that make sense and quit all this horse shit that doesn´t mean a damn thing to anybody except some bureaucrat in Washington."

    and don't forget broussard's statement that FEMA had cut their emergency phone line.  he said the sheriff fixed it and posted guard so it wouldn't get fucked with.

    that was 6 cops/soldiers what have you who couldn't be of help because the communication lines needed guarding.


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