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View Diary: Can FEMA Do Anything Right? (222 comments)

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  •  FEMA (none)
    Oh! Disaster . . .
    What can one do?
    It can happen anywhere
    To me, but mostly you!

    Oh! But FEMA's got some
    Itty bitty tricks,
    So you are unprepared
    And we can get our kicks!

    Funny floods and tornadoes!
    Or a shit your undies 'quake!
    Don't even try to be ready!
    For it's complete heartbreak!

    Disaster unpreparadness
    Is our responsibility!
    And blaming you's important
    To our agency!

    Children helping people
    Is what we say!
    FEMA's like your blanky-
    Soiled- each and every way!

    Hey! When disaster strikes?
    We're just like you!
    Prepared all the time
    To shit our underoos!

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