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  •  What's the best way (none)
    to deal with Bush's core supporters? Do we keep
    trying to convince them in a civilized, rational way? (This is hard because they are not very civilized towards us). Or do we shame them, because they have allowed our country to become a bowl of FUBAR? For example, "Hey Bush supporter,
    thanks to you I now have another worry, my social security check. Thanks a million." This is the the tactic they used on us, trying to demonize us. In the future people might be ashamed to bring up ideas that resembled Bush's.
    Just as shame was brought to bear on racist ideas.
    On the other hand the civilized approach might end the cycle of revolution and reaction (i.e. the 60's revolution, and Nixon's law and order reaction. I think we are still living throgh this.) Maybe its time, to paraphrase Gunther
    Grass, for the revolution to end and the republic
    to begin. I don't know.

    "Are you trying to play Darwin, to the lemurs in your head?"

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