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View Diary: The Democratic Legislative Plan for Responding to the Katrina Catastrophe (119 comments)

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  •  This is just my own personal observation (4.00)
    Last week , when it started to seem crazy that no-one was showing up to help these folks it was the media that went on a rampage to get the message out. I don't see anything political in having all the powers of the Dem leadership on down gathering to hold a press conference and demand leadership to get help to these people. The black caucus did not have to stand alone that day or any other. While I'm glad that Reid put out this statement and plan I still think that we run our party like the Repugs run this country, out of the loop and to late, to little. The hope I have is that I believe our people are good to the core. But they really have to get a key fact that making your presense known and exerting what power you have, via media, letters, attack, etc., is the only way you'll make change and bring the people together.
    •  i wish all the dem congresscritters were there too (4.00)
      but I have no idea how it all went down. Did other congressmen know the CBC was convening? Were they asked to join? I dont know. I didnt see the CBC as 'standing alone' so much as simply standing...they more than anyone else were compelled to do so, because the victims of this disaster are overwhelmingly black. THEY need to see the CBC on tv more than anyone.

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