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View Diary: The Democratic Legislative Plan for Responding to the Katrina Catastrophe (119 comments)

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  •  I strongly urge (none)
    all activist and progressive organisations to mobilise behnd this Democratic Agenda. NOW is the time for the Democrat Party and politicians and grassroots organisations be they progressive or centrist to put forth a Democratic agenda that is sensible, doable, compassionate and above all FRAME the direction of the coming debate that will surpass (or should anyway) in ferocity and strength. Now is the time to put forward suggestions and force the opposition to defend their positions. These positions have proved to be inadequate to say the least and criminally incompetent to tell the truth. As soon as conditions on the ground dictate, all democrats should demand what Bill Clinton as already called for - a Katrina Commission that is not presidentially appointed but bi-partisan or non-partisan and include members of the military as well as civilians - but only with people who know what they are talking about. In my opinion New Orleans Mayor should be a member (if he has the time).  This tragedy must prove to be the vehicle to change the direction of this nation. Just as we can pull oursleves forward oursleves like the driver of the barke on the river loading sandbags (see CNN). It is up to us. Let's Take America Back to the Future.

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