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  •  New Orleans, Roberts, and Justice O'Connor's seat (none)
    Senators Reid, Leahy, Durbin, and Schumer,

    My girlfriend and I were deeply angered and disgusted by what we saw happening in New Orleans this week. People with money were able to take care of themselves just fine. Those without money, African-American and White, elderly and infirm, were not. This is a moment in American history when this country must take a deep, hard, and long look at it's deeply racist and classist core. PLEASE, DO NOT ALLOW THE THE HEARINGS ON THE NOMINATION OF JOHN ROBERTS TO PROCEED UNTIL BUSH DECLARES WHO HIS NOMINATION FOR O'CONNOR'S SEAT WILL BE.

    It is now 2005, a time when we are supposed to have evolved in some way as a people and a country. How can this country spend half a trillion dollars on a war in Iraq that was carried out under false, or at the least very dubious pretenses, and not provide it's own citizens even basic transportation out of a domestic disaster zone when they would have gladly used such transporation? Every American pays money in taxes. A minute portion of the federal Treasury must be earmarked in the future for free federal disaster bus transporation that must be available to EVERYONE who wants it, and that is available TO EVERYONE, FREE OF CHARGE, BEFORE flood waters cut off routes of transporation. Also, Americans (of all political persuasions), Congress, and the U.S. government, need to build a new memorial on The Mall in Washington D.C., that commemorates the fallen in New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama, who were forsaken by America because of their class status and/or racial background.

    In addition to working tirelessly to continue saving those in peril in New Orleans, the most important thing you can do as Democratic Senator this week is to NOT ALLOW THE THE HEARINGS ON THE NOMINATION OF JOHN ROBERTS TO PROCEED UNTIL BUSH DECLARES WHO HIS NOMINATION FOR O'CONNOR'S SEAT WILL BE. Make Bush wait until we know who Bush's second nominee will be (to see how far he and his ideologue advisers will attempt to move the court to the right), before letting Roberts make his one case to the Senate and the American public regarding the Chief Justice spot. THE DECISIONS THAT ARE MADE IN THE NEXT FIVE TO SEVEN DAYS WILL DETERMINE THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS. DO NOT LET BUSH AND HIS CRONIES TACTICALLY OUT MANEUVER YOU BY GETTING ROBERTS IN THERE AND THEN IN A BAIT AND SWITCH MANEUVER, NAMING AN EXTREME IDEOLOGUE FOR O'CONNOR'S SEAT. Americans and the U.S. Senate Democratic Caucus MUST NOT ALLOW a president who was installed into office by a 5 to 4 party line Supreme Court vote, to pack, sight unseen, the U.S. Supreme Court for the next several generations with numerous right wing ideologues at the very moment when the country is mourning the death and maiming of the very disadvantaged people who have been thrown away and abandoned by radical right-wing, government-is-always-the-problem economic policies. If Bush, Boyden Gray, Ed Meese, and other right-wing thinkers succeed in packing the Supreme Court this year with Constitution-in-Exile adherents at the very moment that no holds barred classist and racist extreme-capitalism has been shown to be an ideology that works to forsake the least among us, then something about America and what is good in humanity will indeed have been forsaken forever.

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