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View Diary: 500 search/rescuers in Dallas hotels, stopped by FEMA (12 comments)

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  •  Rescuers were fired on (none)
    I saw an interview with a young woman who was rescued with others including a pregnant woman out of a window by a man in a boat...just a guy in a boat trying to help others.

    She was crying hysterically as she described how he persevered as he and they came under fire.

    I also saw a similar interview regarding another incident.

    This kind of thing DID happen.  It is not all right-wing hype.

    Unfortunately, it is playing into their hands.

    •  If rescue missions were halted because of DANGER (none)
      There would be no rescues EVER.  

      Besides which they had fisheries people rescuing with no training - why didn't they take the fisheries guys (the ones with big guns) and put them together with some trained rescue teams?  Common Sense!  

      •  All Rescues Take Place (none)
        under dangerous conditions of one kind or another..they are RESCUES afterall.

        Danger is one thing.  Being shot at is quite another.

        As a former First Responder I can tell you that any commander who orders unarmed emergency responders (and the majority are unarmned) into a free-fire zone is derelict and negligent.  SOPs require the responders pull back, wait until police/military secure the area or obtaine armed escorts for their units.

        Armed escorts were in short supply.

        NOPD is missing 30% of its' officers.  While there is a rogue element to any depratment, I think at least half of that 30% is dead...likely drowned when the flood walls breached overnight Monday.

        A dead emergency worker can't help anyone including present or future victims.

        •  Flatsville (none)
          The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries were rescuing people - seemed logical that you put some of the rescue experts with those teams.

          The place was not a war zone.  The suggestion here is that any major city which will always have a criminal and nut-job population should not be entered for rescue operations ever.  The reality is there is no way save for killing everyone before the rescue people get there to be 100% sure that there won't be some nut-case that emerges with a gun.

          The Superdome could have been easily secured.  Food and water would have helped - medical assistance given - they stabilized no one.  They wouldn't allow people to just walk out of the place.  They withheld assistance.  It did not have to be that way.

          •  Re: Rescuers (none)
            It is just as ridiculous for the right-wing to hype the violence out of proportion as it is for us to insist shooting incidents are " unsubstantiated" (in spite of eyewitness reports,) didn't happen at all or were minimal and therefore inconsequential...We are supposedly the reality based community.

            Command structure, SOPs and discipline are what keeps emergency first responders alive and working.

            (You try doing your job while I shoot at you and we'll see how it works out from your end.  Maybe I'm a good shot, maybe not.  Maybe I'm just trying to scare you, maybe not.  See the problem?)

            >>> The reality is there is no way save for killing everyone before the rescue people get there to be 100% sure that there won't be some nut-case that emerges with a gun.<<<

            Histrionics at best.

            Coasties completed rescues in areas where they weren't being shot at, pulled out when it did happen.  A first hand personal account from a Coastie I got yesterday confirms rescue teams have been attacked.

            Recognize it.  Accept it.  Don't pretend otherwise.

            To do so is beneath us as the reality-based community.

            •  Said nothing about it not happening. (none)
              Re-read what I have written.  I am a city kid born and raised.  Washington DC (Capitol Hill when it wasn't at all fancy), San Francisco and New York.  I have some idea as to what the perils of any city can be.  Glad to know that you won't come rescue me if some idiot a couple blocks away decided to fire a gun.  I'll remember that if I'm ever following government orders to stay in my house and await rescue.

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