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  •  Birds in winter (4.00)
    Don't worry about the parrots. They've been living wild in this neighborhood for ~30 years, and survive through the winters without too much trouble.

    This species (monk parakeet) is native to the foothills of the Andes, and one of the adaptations they developed for that climate is construction of large enclosed nests which house multiple birds:

    That nest sadly fell out of the tree a couple of months ago, but the birds have since built a couple of (smaller) replacements. The local flock is 25-30 birds, and the total neighborhood population is estimated to be 500ish.


    •  Thanks for the (4.00)
      information.  I love birds but don't know a great deal about them (on the to-do list- learn some ornithology).

      When I lived in Australia, you'd see these amazing birds.  Huge flocks of them.  And the farmers would shoot the cockatoos as pests, etc.  Meanwhile, they'd be smuggled in horrific conditions to places like the US and sold at enormous prices.

      I am glad to hear the parrots will weather the Chicago winter better than I usually do : )

      •  You're welcome (4.00)
        And, as a bonus, a picture of the entire flock feeding:

        The building in the background is the duSable Museum of African-American History.


        •  I'm flabbergasted (4.00)
          I just posted my story about finding Fred, the monk parakeet, years ago in Chicago. If I had known that flocks of them existed there, I'd have returned him to the wild so he could frolick with them. As it is, I figured he was exotic, and couldn't live in the cold. I guess he's probably someone's pet by now.

          Will wonders never cease? They've been around for 30 years? And can weather Chicago winters? Wild!

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