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  •  Bush sucks! (4.00)
    Cheers to Bill Maher.

    His most recent show had no conservatives on it. It was like the antithesis of a Faux News panel. Except that Bill was honest about its one-sidedness. He admitted that he couldn't deal with a Bush supporter at that time. The show was great. I'm glad he's not on hiatus right now. Now where's Jon Stewart?
    Jeers to all of the Dems who have not spoken out about this criminal negligence on the part of the Bush administration. Are they afraid (as they were regarding Bush's role in 9/11) of being accused of trying to gain politically from the deaths of others? They should be thinking about the fact that more inaction will lead to the deaths of even more people. As a wise man once said, "Do your job!"
    Jeers to Bush supporters. I guess a ton of bricks really does have to fall on your heads. Go ahead and buy over-sized gas guzzlers because invading Iraq and drilling for oil in protected areas will get us cheap gas, right? How's that working out for ya? Roberts will undo those mean and nasty abortion rulings, right? Wait a minute; didn't Bush say there would be no "litmus test" on that issue? Was he lying when he said that? Is that what all of that winking was about? I've got news for you, he was picked because he will protect corporate interests. He will help make it legal to extend the same disregard for the safety of the common man that has become glaringly apparent in the past week, to all aspects of business and government. I'll give you a little while to figure that one out. One ton of bricks coming up!

    Jeers to the media. They suck! `nuff said!
    Cheers to Kos and the blogosphere.
    Cheers to Rolling Stone magazine. They are pretty much the only mainstream publication that dares to criticize this administration. Thank you!

    Jeers to all of the supermarkets and convenience stores in my area (Western MA). They have all stopped carrying Rolling Stone within the past year. Even back when Stores only had a half dozen or so mags, R.S. was one of them. Now that they've expanded their selection (Bass Player anyone?), they've eliminated R.S. I think I know why.
     Cheers to the Rolling Stones! They've made a political statement against Bushites! I love you guys!

    George W. Bush - The Disaster President!

    by kitebro on Tue Sep 06, 2005 at 06:58:56 AM PDT

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