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  •  please don't misunderstand (4.00)
    I've wept and raged and donated and ranted since the hurricane hit. Don't mean to imply that I'm indifferent to the vast array of human suffering.  Just that the furry and the feathered are a refuge and a joy, a port in any storm for me. Always have been.

    Also I interpret responses like "I can't look at much more of this" as an indication that others are probably reaching the saturation point as well. And think that, perhaps, in order to keep the public focus from sliding off the subject & stoke (or at least, sustain) awareness of this rotten admin & it's priorities, it might perhaps be better to shift coverage from the ghoulish overall to, say, stories like the one in the NYT this a.m. about families offering shelter to NO folks.  Keeps the outrage going. But detours around natural (and salutary) defense mechanism.

    cheers to taking action. Helpfulness. Always the best remedy.

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