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View Diary: Meanwhile, back at the Howdy Doody Command Center... (322 comments)

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  •  The Bible says (4.00)
    "Vengence is mine, I will repay", saith the LORD.

    God is looking down on all that the Republicans have said and done, and will have the last say on all of thier misdeeds.

    For the people of faith out there, you may remember that the only time Jesus was upset in the Bible was when he saw religious leaders using the faith for personal gain. Jesus walked into the Temple and saw commerce taking place there. People were exchanging money, buying and selling things, gambling, political leaders were making deals wth the Hebrew priests, and Jesus became incensed, ENRAGED, even. The Bible says that Jesus began laying waste to what he saw before them, overturning tables, ripping things down, and throwing people out. He then looked at the religious leaders, and all of the other "people of faith" within the Temple, and he said,

    "My Father's house is a house of prayer, and you've turned it into a den of theives."

    If there is a God in Heaven, he will be opening up a can of whoop ass on the perpetrators of this debacle, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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