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View Diary: Republicans to NOLA: Let them die to teach them obedience. (17 comments)

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  •  the problem (none)
    Kerry chose the safe route.  Guess what?  He lost.
    The problem is that everyone knew he was taking 'the safe route', the poltically expedient path.  I don't think many people will criticize a person very heavily for their deeply held belief, but if they see a belief as politically crass, it doesn't matter what it specifically is.

    I think we all knew what happened with John Kerry and the war.  At the time the war was an unknown: what if Bush went into Iraq, found a nuke, freed the nation, and they became democratic and happy.  John Kerry et all would look silly for opposing a 'cake walk'.  

    So he bet that he could change his mind later if needed.  Which is what he did.  He made a cold political decision to abett the President and that's that.

    The point that you are making though, is valid.  The Democrats long ago stopped being a party worth voting for.  Dean was on meet the press not along and asked point blank what the democrat message was he said "well we need to find one", like you go to Isle 9 at Kmart and find a message.

    The party is the message.  There are millions of people blindling following the party without concern for what it's message is; what it's platform is; what it actually stands for.  It's unbelievable.  It sounds more like the GOP than the DNC.

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