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  •  Perhaps this is an insensitve analogy... (none)
    But I wonder how many innocent Iraqis have been treated like this?

    This whole thing smacks of self-righteous machismo gone amock, like the kind we are (not) seeing in Iraq.  

    Here our violent style of dealing with "undesirables" got played out on t.v.  If we are treating American citizens like this, can you imagine what king of treatment our "occupied Islamic refugees" get, regardless of whether they cooperate or not?

    •  Spot on - this admin doesn't know how to build (none)
      only to kill.

      What's the saying?
      Any jackass can knock down a barn.
      It takes a carpenter to build one.

      Guess which one we've got?

      America began begins with freedom from King George's empire.

      by bribri on Tue Sep 06, 2005 at 12:15:46 PM PDT

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    •  Not insensitive - True (none)
      I personally think that is a very apt and important analogy.

      What shocks me -- though I suppose it shouldn't -- is this: apparently many people have to see this taking place on their own shores before their empathy is activated.

      Many of us here at Daily Kos were equally upset about what has been happening since 2003 to Iraqis at Abu Ghraib as well as in their own bombed, water-starved, electricity-deprived homes.

      I hope the conscience of the nation is awakened by this horror in New Orleans.

      I'm just not very confident that anything will really change.

      God help us, I hope I'm wrong.

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