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  •  A partial report of these people's experience (none)
    came out when one cable news on scene reporter was interviewing some people from this group and getting their emotional reactions  while they were still in NO at their hotels, just after they learned that their hired coachs had been commandeered by authorities.  

    They were in tears and completely outraged by the chaos and lack of response. Being a bunch of paramedics, I guess they would be in a position to know.

    •  some of the French Quarter people (none)
      were having a grand ole time, and when I first heard about these hotel people, I thought they wanted special treatment over the needs of the locals stranded at the superdome and convention center.  But hearing the rest of the story...and as horrible as it is, I think it's true because of the level of detail...I am stunned and outraged.

      I keep thinking about people with babies and children, trying to take care of their kids with no water, food or bathrooms.  How can some racist bastard steal food and water from babies?  

      this whole thing sounds like something out of WWII.

      "Every act of becoming conscious is an unnatural act." - Adrienne Rich

      by marjo on Tue Sep 06, 2005 at 01:31:37 PM PDT

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