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    Botch the job and make people realize your larger idiological (spelling purposeful) point...don't rely on the federal government.  It is the most basic belief of the republican party.  Smaller government, privatize everything.

    Problem is, we have paid taxes to be used for protection of the citizens of this country.  Those tax dollars are not being used in that capacity.  They are being handed over to a few corporations to do the work of the government, and only the shareholders benefit from that spent money, not you and I.

    The stories listed above CLEARLY state how the private sector is doing more and better than the government.  We've known it to be true for a long time.  But, instead of hiring the best and brightest into our government in order to harness that innovation and creativity for the public good, this administration (in particular)continues to hire friends and cronies and inter-connected companies with less-than-stellar credentials.  

    They used this disaster to prove that we need to do everything ourselves, completely abdicating their sole reason for being - protection of the citizens of the United States of America. The stories above almost prove them to be true.  So, stop it or we will lose every protection we pay for!
    Do you see now?

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      It's hard to believe anyone could fuck up this bad by accident, but the combination of greed, indifference, self serving old boys network, & all their past incompetence due to relentless tunnelvision driven by ideology are pretty persuasive to me right now. Plus it's looking like they're managing to push their failure out of the headlines with cash cards & denial now. I'm listening to Air america & Stephanie Miller, but reading things about the talking points being picked up on cable news again. And that Nancy Pelosi story!!!! Frickin scaring me. They can't get away with this.

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