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View Diary: What REALLY happened in New Orleans: Denise Moore's story [UPDATED] (188 comments)

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  •  I just found evidence of this same (4.00)
    fear in a story on the BBC website, quite co-incidentially: Grim Journey. It is a very sad story. Some BBC reporters took their own boat and went in search of survivors. This is just part of the article, but it is worth reading:


    For the children this is at least a place of safety, but bewildering and uncertain.


    We head back into submerged streets. In the tight roof space of a house, we find Bradley and Stanley De Penious.

    Dangling in a makeshift sling just above the water line is the body of their mother.

    They have been living like this for five days, unwilling to leave her.

    'We couldn't leave her - that's our mother,' one of the men says.

    'She couldn't swim.'

    A rescue unit uses an axe to smash its way through the roof to save the two men.

    Nearby is the Kelly family, marooned, still staying on, stubborn.

    'Help me'

    They are frightened to leave because they fear they will be held in a stadium in squalor."

    Bush is killing us.

    by lecsmith on Tue Sep 06, 2005 at 06:57:09 PM PDT

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