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View Diary: What REALLY happened in New Orleans: Denise Moore's story [UPDATED] (188 comments)

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  •  Read this Wikipedia entry about (none)
    Ray Nagin:

    Days before filing for the New Orleans Mayoral race in February 2002, Nagin switched his party registration to the Democratic Party, presumably in order to improve his chances of winning the race in heavily Democratic New Orleans.

    It raises questions. There were three diaries posted by Greuben over the past three days that explain the reasons behind the failure to evacuate those unable to evacuate themselves.

    But I am still baffled by the indifference to human suffering. I would really like to know what went on behind the scenes between Blanco, Nagin and the Feds. I'm not yet convinced that mere incompetence explains what went down.

    •  Nagin became a marked man (none)
      as soon as he publically layed into Bush on Wed or Thursday of last week.

      The Bush-Rove Smear machine was activated.

      •  So you, too, feel that FEMA's delay (none)
        was an intentional political act?

        Today I've been googling about the relocations and have found stories where communities that send buses to Houston or other 'holding facilities' are being sent home empty. Other stories where 100's or 1,000's are being relocated to military installations in Utah, Colorado and Rhode Island, where they can be kept behind barbed wire. Particularly galling: a community in Virginia was told that Virginia was not a 'designated relocation state because it is too far away', as the excuse to send the buses back empty. Yet RI is farther away. WTF? Is this a dry run for the coming crack down on dissenters?

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