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View Diary: What REALLY happened in New Orleans: Denise Moore's story [UPDATED] (188 comments)

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  •  This was NOLA not Utopia n/m (none)
    •  You are the utopian (none)
      Insisting on a world lived by the book and according to preordained laws and constitutions. Sometimes life just ain't that tidy. You are tiptoeing the line of defending scared racists with guns who took it upon themselves to almost certainly condemn some to death. What happened to their respect for your highly vaunted laws and civilized practices?
      •  Didn't really mean utopia. (none)
        I was addressing your comment/hope that people would go beyond the "not my job" mentality.

        I think NOLA is one of the last places where you could expect that to happen.

        Also, I don't think I am defending the Jefferson parish cops. I am trying to point out that it is unreasonable to expect that Federal troops would override local police without express orders from the Governor or President.

        This is all academic since there weren't any troops there anyhow...

        In any event, sending folks to walk to the next parish without coordinating with that parish is not good leadership.

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