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View Diary: Bush's use of firemen: props (249 comments)

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  •  The complete article... (4.00)
    ...also says that FEMA told the firefighters not to talk to reporters.  Why would they care? I mean, if I'm out rescuing people, I'm probably not going to run into any reporters. If reporters are around,  I suppose they would try and talk to rescue workers taking breaks, or otherwise not engaged, but who cares? (Unfortunately, EVERY rescue worker last week was "not otherwise engaged.")

    There's something fishy about that, too. I just can't imagine that it would cross the mind of a FEMA employee under any REMOTELY responsible and caring administration to  say, don't talk to reporters. That would be the last thing on their minds.

    No, this whole "rescue" brought to us by FEMA was a well-orchestrated PR con job AND a deliberate attempt to prevent any help from getting to the people in  need. And that's HUGE.  Ship them off to a "training" class first. Make them fill out a 14-page form. Tell them to call this number, then that number, then sign here. It's not a rescue attempt, it's a runaround attempt. And it stinks to high hell.

    I emailed the article to my Senators and Howard Dean with my comments.

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