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  •  Let's do it! (none)

    We all know it, but for whatever reason, that unshinable TURD remains in control, in power, and in charge of America's destruction.  

    Been said before, but if this WERE a Dem presiding over the worst administration in history, the Repugnican response would already be underway with trials, impeachment proceedings, and we'd ALREADY have changes.  Instead we are being further dragged into oblivion, in debt up to our eyes with the Chinese and everyone else, and his fat cats continue to count their increases in salary.  

    We keep saying it, know it, believe it, and even seem to want it.  But 'it' ain't happening.  Jr. continues his destruction on our freedom and way of life, because he simply does not give a shit.  He doesn't have to.  

    Healing BEGINS with impeachment...

    by valeria on Wed Sep 07, 2005 at 08:12:37 AM PDT

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    •  FEMA (none)
      FEMA which since early 2001 IIRC has been placed under direct control of Dick Cheney by Bush has the role of replacing civilian gov't if a catastrophic disaster occurs which impedes normal gov't.
      Since 9-11 FEMA can supercede the civilian gov't under a Red Alert (high possibility of a major terrorist attack). Note that an actual occurance doesnt have to happen!
      So what consitutes a threat? Pretty scary stuff.

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