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  •  Hump day C&J from freeperville (4.00)
    Cheers My LTE was printed in the paper today in the Holland Sentinel.

    To all of you small-government-pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps-no-help-from-me people, this debacle in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast is the direct result of the dismantling of FEMA in the last four years. The previous heads of FEMA who were skilled in natural disaster recovery were systematically removed from their positions since 9/11. FEMA no longer has authority to take charge in natural disasters and is now wrapped under the mantle of the Homeland Security Department.
    Excuse me, but if we can't rescue a couple hundred thousand people from a storm-ravaged coast when we have two days' notice, how are we going to respond to an actual terrorist attack?
    The government also decided that waging war on a country that did not attack us was more important than finishing levee projects that were in process for 10 years. This past spring, there was another call out to finish the levees, but the funding was again cut. One of the levees that burst was known to be weak and was on the list to have been completed, but could not be so because "homeland security" was more important.
    Obviously this administration is only pro-life if you are white, middle-class and yet to be born or lying in a hospital bed with a tube down your throat. If you are poor and black, with no cash, no transportation, and no housing, then you can wait for help to arrive because we can't be bothered to help before it's too late.

    It is a tad vitriolic, but I was angry last week (actually, I'm still angry) about the debacle in NO and the Gulf Coast.  
    I am somewhat glad that it is listed under my married name which is not in the phone book.  This is still freeperville, even if they have removed all of the supporting bumper stickers from their cars.
    Cheers to the local Red Cross chapter who had to reorganize space in the offices so that they can have private places to talk to incoming survivors who will be living here and should be coming in the next few days.
    Cheers to the local churches and community organizations who are stepping up to the plate to make sure that the people will be taken care of.  
    <aside> I sure hope they are African-American or Caribbean in origin.  It would do the Dutch an awful lot of good to have to be nice to them.  There are an awful lot of very bigoted people here who need to see `the other'.

    America works best in spreading democracy when people over the world see something they want to emulate. Richard

    by Mlle L on Wed Sep 07, 2005 at 05:53:45 AM PDT

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